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BioTat Snow Foam Aftercare Cleanser


A gentle anti bacterial, natural foaming wash and cleanser. Soothing on the skin and contains the powerful natural numbing qualities of Clove Oil. Perfect for a tender new tattoo with Vegan Honey and Lavender to reduce redness & inflammation. No artificial fragrances, just all natural goodness.

Shake well and apply 1-2 times daily.

Perfect for the final clean down to remove any ink with the added benefits of numbing the area whilst dramatically reducing swelling and redness.  It smells professional and puts the customer at ease.

Biotat are the global leaders in natural numbing. We use only the best ingredients with no artificial colours or fragrances and tree free label stock on eco friendly containers.



Syzygium Aromaticum,  Glycerol, Vegan Honey, Organix Soap, Lavender, Demineralised Water.

Keep away from children & pets. Avoid eye area, if contact occurs, rinse immediately with water. If swallowed seek medical advice.