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Golden Flux Max Special Edition

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Special Edition - Hope vs Cancer Golden Flux Max

FK Irons is excited for thier September philanthropic collaboration, and we hope you will be too. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Join us in making a positive impact in the world by funding childhood cancer research. For this fundraiser, we have partnered with the Hope vs Cancer Foundation, an organization founded and supported by members of the body art community. The special edition Golden Flux Max is now available for purchase. Each Golden Flux Max sold will fund the equivalent of one hour of pediatric cancer research. This is a limited production. We encourage you to place orders as early as possible and join us as we make a positive impact in the lives of familes. This is designed to expand awareness and support for a global cause. Each machine comes in a custom packaging with heartfelt messages signed by children battling cancer. Available stroke options: 3.2 mm | 4.0 mm | 4.5 mm