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Panthera Black Gold 5oz


Black Gold is a high quality black tattoo ink that guarantees an exceptional result. Its unique formula has been developed with natural fruit-derived ingredients, without the addition of chemical preservatives, making it safe for use on the skin.
Its special formulation ensures faster healing and greater color intensity, resulting in a deep and long-lasting black that does not tend to turn blue. This tattoo ink is ideal for professional tattoo artists who want to achieve a stunning yield and superior performance when creating artwork on the skin.
Panthera Ink tattoo ink represents excellence in the production of high quality tattoo inks. Each stage of production follows the strictest safety standards, from the selection of raw materials to the production and sterilization of the ink.
The ink is sterilized using gamma ray technology, ensuring greater safety and reducing the risk of infection. Thanks to stringent quality control procedures, every batch of ink produced is tested to ensure the highest quality and safety.
Panthera Ink is the result of research and development by Panthera Ink laboratories and is produced using only pharmaceutical grade raw materials, to guarantee a safe, reliable and very high quality ink.
This tattoo ink is suitable for all types of tattoos and can be used with any application technique. Thanks to its bacteriological safety and superior quality, Panthera Ink represents the ideal choice for tattoo professionals who wish to offer their clients the best quality and maximum safety.
Absence of carcinogenic substances, compliant with current European legislation

5oz Bottle