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Pen Machine w/ 2.4-4.2mm Interchangeable Stroke

Color: Black
Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine with 2.4-4.2mm Strokes Changeable    
Stroke adjust from 2.4-4.2mm, can meet your different tattoo style request

Motor sizes 18*27mm
Max speed 12V 11500PRM

Carry customized high quality coreless motor

Battery Capacity 1500mAh, two hours full charging,
working time 4-6 hours, depend on your voltage and cartridge needles

Voltage adjust from 4-12v, increase or decrease 0.1V ,Adjust power by 0.1V.

Dynamic Power Path Management: Get reliable, consistent power levels.

How to operate: Rotate to decrease or increase voltage
                         Double-click timing display.
                         Double-click power display.
                         Click voltage display.