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TatSoul Vortex Super Mag Tubes


10 pcs. individually packaged and sterilized Wrath Super Mag Tubes with Vortex Grip 

 TATSoul is proud to introduce a revolutionary patent pending disposable large mag tube. These shovel magnums provide the best ink flow and have an amazing low profile tip that every artist has been craving for.

1.25” Vortex Grip
Constructed from a patented gel-like material, our Vortex Grips provide maximum comfort and shock absorption. Unlike typical rubber grips, our Vortex grips are custom molded directly on the tube to prevent any 'spinning' during tattoo sessions. This is the first of its kind for large mag tubes.

Semi-Transparent Tint
The semi-transparent Wrath Tube provides easy viewing of ink in the tube reservoir. The dark tint reduces visual ink blots for a cleaner look.

Thin Profile Tip
The specialized plastic used in Wrath Tubes allows for a thin profile tip, while maintaining exceptional durability and heat resistance. The thin profile tip minimizes the distance between the needle and the skin for more precise artwork.

Precise Molding
Wrath Tubes are made with the most precise injection molding technology. Free from excess plastic, Wrath Tubes produce maximum ink flow and consistent needle support. Only imported Japanese polymer material can achieve such great results.