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Tecpatl Bugpin Magnum Cartridges


Higher Level presents the TECPATL Cartridges. After testing cartridge after cartridge our in house Higher Level Tattoo Artist, along with the feedback from our most loyal Artist Customers, are proud to offer you our branded Cartridges. Staying true to our Indigenous Origins we named them TECPATAL.  In the AZTEC culture, Tecpatl was an Obsidian double-edged blade with elongated ends.  The Tecpatl knife was traditionally used for human sacrifice by the Aztecs, but it also was the short-range weapon of the Jaguar Warriors. Today we use the knife like sharpness to cut pieces of Art into the skin of our Clients.

Our Cartridges have a built in Safety Membrane.

Clear, light, housing to provide better visibility and a low profile for better ink flow.

Sharp, Smooth edges eliminating less trauma to the skin.

Made from 316 Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Bupgin Magnum Cartridges are .30mm

20 Cartridges per Box