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WF Paul Rogers Set 1oz

Paul Rogers was truly an innovator, mentor, and friend to many in the tattoo industry. He loved and respected the art of tattooing while also being relentlessly hardworking. The Paul Rogers Set isn’t only inspired by his career, but his life. These foundational ink colors bring together a fun vibrance and reliable base for traditional tattoos. 

  • St. John 
    In the early 1960s Paul Rogers made the move to Florida and quickly fell in love with the scenery. St. John is a bold blue ink named after the St. John River, the longest river in Florida. 
  • Jax Beach 
    Paul Rogers opened multiple tattoo shops in Jax (Jacksonville) Beach, Florida. This ink was inspired by the water and that energetic, fun feeling of being at the beach.
  • Silk Road
    Silk Road is a strong medium green ink that was inspired by Paul Rogers's experience in the military. It's made to create lasting, reliable results for a variety of styles, including traditional tattoos.
  • Jax Sand 
    Jax Sand creates an essential medium brown color, inspired by Jacksonville Beach. This is a core ink color that can be used in a variety of styles. 
  • Vaudeville 
    After getting his first tattoo from Chet Cain at a carnival he knew he wanted to become a tattoo artist. This eye-catching red ink was inspired by his love of performing and his experience working as an acrobat.


  • Iron Factory 
    Paul Rogers saw the need for reliable inks and became one of the first suppliers to help support the artist community. Iron Factory is a soft yellow ink inspired by Paul Rogers’s loyalty and sunny demeanor.