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Black Jack Curved Magnums


Black Jack cartridge features a rigid outer shell and flexible inner membrane. The inner membrane and stabilizer allow for smooth application and a balanced ink flow. The new Black Jack cartridges have been upgraded with the highest quality 304 medical grade stainless-steel needle available. Each needle is manufactured with precision to minimize trauma to the skin, allowing shorter healing time. Black Jack cartridges are ideal for creating clean crisp lines and smooth saturated shading.

  • Precise assembly positioning to secure needle force down the tip.
  • High quality PC plastic shell material ensures tips will not break down with needle friction. 
  • Specific membrane tension allows for maximum ink flow while avoiding overworking your machine. 
  • Needle stabilizer for precise application.
  • Individual sterile blister pack.
  • Compatible with all standard cartridge system grips and machines.
  • Every cartridge is inspected and manufactured with careful attention to quality.
  • 20 Cartridges per Box

    Diameter and Taper Specifications:
    Standard Liners: .35mm, Long Taper
    Bugpin Liners: .30mm, Long Taper
    Power Liners: .40mm, Super Tight, Extra Long Taper
    Hollow Liners: .35mm, Medium Taper
    Super Tight Liners: .35mm, Super Tight, Extra Long Taper