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Enso Standard Needles


50 needles/box

 Achieve uncompromising results throughout the entirety of your work with materials comprised of optimal strength and hardness. Every Envy ENSO needle retains its sharpness throughout even the longest tattoo sessions.

Durable Japanese Steel
Envy ENSO Needles are made with the highest quality 316L Japanese steel that is forged in limited quantities.

Perfect Sharpness
Featuring the absolute sharpest pins that have been crafted in the most consistent needle groupings, every needle provides for the cleanest penetration, causing less trauma to your client's skin.

Quality Process
As expected of all Envy Needles, our ENSO line has passed through multiple layers of meticulous inspection processes on dozens of metrics, including pin alignment, solder distribution, tip to solder length, and grouping diameter before earning the right to make it to the box that reaches your hands.