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Ergo Shield 55mm Disposable Grips - Box of 24


Introducing the ErgoShield Grip, your all-in-one solution for barrier protection and enhanced session comfort. Precision-engineered and innovatively designed, this disposable grip is a game-changer, safeguarding your gear and adding ease to your sessions in less than 10 seconds.

The ErgoShield Grip boasts a seamlessly integrated barrier, enveloping your entire tattoo machine, ensuring uncompromised hygiene and safety. Say farewell to the time-consuming, cumbersome processes involving clipcord bags, paper towels, fabric tape, or makeshift solutions. The procedure is effortless: extract the ErgoShield from its sterile blister pack, replace your original grip with it, and as the threads engage, deploy the built-in barrier by pulling the sticker tab. Once fully extended, seal and lock the barrier end by peeling off the sticky tab. It’s as straightforward as that!


  • 100% Sterilized Solution

    Ergo Shield Disposable is ethylene oxide (EO) sterilized, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and safety for both artists and clients.

  • Incorporated Sleeve for Lightning-Fast Set-Up

    Experience unparalleled efficiency with our incorporated sleeve design! Simply pull, adhere, and start tattooing. Say goodbye to time-consuming set-up processes and hello to increased productivity.

  • Eliminate Wrapping Time with Custom Foam Diameters

    Choose between the 40mm, 55mm and 60mm OD diameter foam options to suit your preferences. Streamline your workflow by eliminating the need for timeconsuming wrapping, allowing you to focus on your art.

  • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Handling

    Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip throughout your tattoo sessions, reducing fatigue and allowing you to concentrate on your artistic expression.

  • Compatible with Standard Tattoo Needles

    Designed to work seamlessly with standard tattoo needles, providing you with the flexibility to use your preferred cartridges.

  • Resealable Sticker with Non-Adhesive Section

    Our user-friendly resealable sticker lets you reposition without hassle.

  • Free-spining Barrier system

    Which prevents interference during grip adjustment