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FK Irons PowerBolt II


Power Up: PowerBolt II Wireless Battery The PowerBolt II is the first device to usher in the next generation of wireless batteries. Backwards compatible – attach it to your Flux Max, EXO, or Flux to power up your machine with next-level intelligence.

FEATURES: • Our first, digital built-in menu to select settings • Easily detachable and compatible with all wireless FK Irons machines (Flux Max, EXO, Flux) • State-of-the-art motherboard that learns how you like to work, “senses” and adapts in real-time • Native Killswitch connectivity and improved range • Responsive eGive settings (0-3) • Voltage and Hertz readout (adjust by 0.1V or 0.5V) • Easily read battery life and built-in session timer • Left- and right-hand screen orientation • Battery firmware updates via the Darklab app • Fast-charging battery via USB-C cable (3 hours for first charge, 2 hour standard charge time)