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Refuel Charger


The Refuel Charging Dock is the perfect solution to streamline the charging process for Powerbolt batteries. This innovative dock charges two Powerbolts simultaneously and eliminates the need for excess cables, providing a tidy and efficient charging station. It features an LED indicator to signal a complete charge and delivers a full charge within 2-3 hours. The Refuel Charging Dock is designed for compatibility with the entire Powerbolt series, including the PB, PB+, PBII, and PBII+.

Power up your tattooing game with the Refuel Charging Dock. Designed specifically for Powerbolt series batteries (PB, PB+, PBII, PBII+), this dock lets you charge two Powerbolts at once - no extra cables needed. Its LED indicator tells you when charging is complete, and you'll get a full charge in just 2-3 hours. Keep your station neat and your batteries ready with Refuel. 

  • LED Charge Status:Red while charging, green when fully charged.
  • Dual Charging: Powers up to two Powerbolts simultaneously.
  • Quick Charge: Full recharge in just 2-3 hours.
  • Magnetic Anti-Skid Base: Ensures a stable, slip-free surface.