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TatSoul Nexus Tubes


1.25" Tubes/15 Box individually packaged Wrath Nexus Tubes.

1" Tubes/20 Box individually packaged Wrath Nexus Tubes

 Wrath Nexus tubes by TATSoul are ergonomically designed for comfort and performance. The Nexus’ extended finger contour improves control by allowing the artist to get closer to the skin. The unique design pattern encompasses the entire grip surface, ensuring maximum control while an improved tip design provides unparalleled needle visibility and optimal ink flow. Wrath Nexus Disposable Tubes bring comfort and performance to an entirely new level.

Comfortable Pattern Grip
Developed from a malleable, soft gel-like material, Nexus Tubes provide superior ergonomic comfort and minimize excessive vibration. The Nexus’ expanded grip pattern encompasses the entire body of the grip, ensuring great tactile control with less fatigue.

Improved Semi Transparent Tip
Each Wrath Nexus Tube is developed with a smoke-colored, semi-transparent tint, which promotes greater ink flow visibility within the tube reservoir. An improved tip design puts the Wrath Nexus in its own class– providing maximum needle visibility, optimized ink flow and long-standing durability.

Finger Contour
A unique, ergonomic extended finger contour is employed at the front of the Nexus grip – providing improved control and comfort while letting the artist get closer to the skin.

Precision Molding
Like all Wrath Tubes, Nexus Premium Disposable Tubes are designed with precise injection molding technology, thus producing maximum ink-flow, consistent needle support, improved ink flow and favorable needle visibility. And our Nexus grips are molded directly on the tube, which prevents ‘spinning’ during the tattoo process.