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WF Luiz Lopes CMYK Set


Looking to master the art of mixing or color creation? Then you need the CMYK Set from World Famous Pro Team Artist, Luiz Lopes.

This set comes with perfect colors for practicing your mixing prowess or perfecting a particular shade of pigment. Remember, an artist is nothing without their tools and a canvas. What you can do with the tools, is what separates the Masters from the rest of the pack.

1oz Set

"The idea is to create a kit for the tattoo artist to study and understand more about color mixtures and whenever there is a color missing, we can mix and get the tone with just this kit." - Luiz Lopes, World Famous Pro Team Artist

Set colors include 1oz bottles of:

  • Canary Yellow
  • Niagara Blue
  • Legendary Outlining Black
  • Rushmore Magenta
  • Shading Solution
  • White House

What it is: A fantastic kit for learning to mix colors and create unique pigments. With a base set of colors in the CMYK spectrum, six inks can become unlimited color combinations.

Great for: Newer artists looking to get the hang of color mixing basics, or experienced artists who want to perfect a certain pigment they have in mind for a project.